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Welcome to Notices To Navigation Interest

The Notices To Navigation Interests (NTNI Notices) website contains navigation notices and policies issued by US Army Corps of Engineers Districts with a waterway navigation mission. These documents are disseminated according to EP 1130-2-520, Chapter 2, to inform mariners of information describing events that affect waterway navigation such as maintenance projects, hazards to navigation, and other pertinent information. The notices are removed from the page seven days past the end date on the latest amendment. The site also has Policy Notices that remain in place until superseded. This site does not contain all notices such as those published by other Federal agencies. Reference: The US Coast Guard Local Notice To Mariners site at:

Instructions for Data Web Services (JSON)

The NTNI Data Web Services provides data via JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) for the Active Notices Report.
  • The following is the URL calling sequence for the Active Notices Report :{day_mon_yr}

{day_mon_yr} is the 2-digit day, 2-digit month, and 4-digit year for the requested date to check.

Try it here: